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Well… You’re not alone.

There’s a shockingly simple method to help you unclutter your mind and begin thinking more clearly. I’ll tell you exactly what it is and why it works.

But be forewarned.

This idea is so basic that you might be tempted to write this off as being too simplistic. Treat this idea seriously, and you too can reap remarkable rewards.

So, without further introduction, here is the amazingly simple, but incredibly effective way to begin thinking more clearly… CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM.

That’s not a joke. I’m serious. CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM.

You may agree with this idea or not. But let me be clear about one thing… it doesn’t matter whether or not you agree.

Do you know why?  Because THAT’S HOW IT IS.

Stay with me here and see if this makes better sense to you in a few moments.

I came across some talks on the value of cleaning your room by the always thoughtful and impressively articulate Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Something he said made me think back to some of my own work experiences.

A number of years ago, when I was in the position of hiring large numbers of salespeople, and I had to make a final choice between seemingly qualified candidates, I would sometimes have them take me out to the parking lot and show me their cars.

Once I looked inside their vehicles I would have a much better appreciation for what was important to those people.

Anyone with old food wrappers, piles of trash, and other noticeable messes, indicated to me just how little care they took of one of their most important personal possessions.

It also showed how content they were to exist in such a sloppy, dirty, disorganized environment.

The condition of your personal space says a LOT about you. It’s far more revealing than whatever words someone uses during an interview.

Here’s a great quote: “Your room is an externalization of your mind. To the degree you are in your room… your room is you.”

If you are serious about wanting to clear up your thinking, begin by clearing up your personal space.

Straighten up, clean up, and organize what you can.

Take a moment. Stop and just look at your room.

Make some decisions about what are a few things you can do immediately to clean up your environment.

Then do it. Then do a little more the next day and the next.

Be aware. Doing this won’t have a “Lightning Bolt” effect on you. In other words, it doesn’t instantly transform you.

It works more like compound interest.

When you do little things to organize and make your personal space more orderly, that thought process and those habits will begin seeping into other aspects of your life.

Best of all, these new little habits will deliver tremendous benefits along the way.

Cleaning your room, while not ultimately important unto itself, becomes much more effective than you first realize because it requires you to stop and think, to analyze, and then make choices.

You put yourself in the deliberate mindset of distinguishing between things that are orderly and things that are chaotic.

There’s a famous expression: “CLEANLINESS Is Next To GODLINESS”.

While we often say things without stopping to think about what they really mean, here’s a way of looking at that phrase you may not have considered before.

Take a moment to ponder all of creation, from the furthest reaches of space, all the way down to the microscopic sub-atomic level. Solar systems strongly resemble the structure of molecules. Then consider the detailed internal systems of everything from plants to insects, to animals, to people. Upon reflection, you will be struck by an astonishing level of orderliness and organization throughout all creation that is truly astounding.

When you clean your room and make your personal space more orderly, the process will carry over into other areas of your thinking.

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