A Track to Run On – The Duplicatable Effort by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVa

A Success by Design Business-Building System By Russ DeVan

MY EXPERIENCE OF BUILDING NETWORK ORGANIZATIONS is that people often set goals that aren’t measurable.  You know. You want a big house, you want a big organization,  you want a different this or that?

That’s not how it works.

What if I told you that in my experience, we don’t always get what we want….but we almost always get what we’re committed to….and we’re ALWAYS committed to something… whether we realize it or not!

What I discovered had been missing for me to ensure success and better results within my organization and team was something I could duplicate and coach people to do, that they, would in turn copy and duplicate with their organization – a system that created productivity and kept people on track to meet and sometimes even exceed their goals.   

I believe attrition ravages many Network Marketing organizations because most distributors don’t have “a track to run on.”  As a result, they leave a lot to; “Gee, I hope I’m in the right place at the right time . . .” and – with eyes closed and fingers crossed –  “ I sure hope this works!”    

To get beyond that, you need a system that leaves nothing to chance, nothing to wishin’ and hopin,’  nothing to the MLM “lottery.”…

I present this “system” right after someone has committed to getting in the business; they’ve filled out their paperwork and placed their first order. Now that they’re getting started – that is the time to discuss the “duplicatable effort” with them.   I do that in a 45-60 minute set-up coaching call.  That’s where we outline the system for the first time, go over and through it, then I give them homework; Create an income goal that is measurable and provides you with something you are committed to.  

The purpose of the system is to create a “Duplicatable” Effort – the effort you put forth in your business personally every month. The effort you’re willing to be personally responsible for.  Not necessarily JUST what you buy, but what you are personally responsible for producing in terms of product volume being moved. I don’t start someone in the business unless they’re willing to make some kind of commitment for themselves in these three areas. This will, in turn, justify the time and coaching and the effort that I’m going to personally spend towards helping them succeed. 

These three areas of effort are: 




> Promotion

I distinguish promoting from selling as the effort you make to establish the value of the product for others. This could be retailing, wholesaling, or simply giving away.

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Russ DeVan
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