A Baker’s Dozen – The Goals You Need to Learn on Your Journey to Becoming a Six Figure Income Earner and Beyond by Jim Gillhouse

Jim GillhouseThese 13 skills, learned and applied will boost your business like nothing else!  The following list of the 13 skills below is “Required Knowledge” to become a “Six Figure” income earner with any company in the network marketing industry. Furthermore, I have listed them in the order in which I feel that it’s necessary to learn, develop and perfect these skills.

It is up to every one of us as individuals to set goals for acquiring the skills necessary to achieve success in any new adventure or undertaking we become involved with, and the network marketing industry is NO Different.

Because of our backgrounds every new person that joins the network marketing industry comes into the industry with their own unique skills, goals, and perceptions about both the industry and of how other people they are going to come in contact with will react to them. NULL

Some important things to remember are… *Whom we choose to listen to will determine our success or failure and here’s why. If we allow someone who has never experienced success in the network marketing industry to influence our thought process in any way, then we are doomed to fail… ops I mean quit, because the only real way to fail is to quit. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about; as the reader of this article, if you wanted advice about having knee surgery you would probably go to a successful orthopedic surgeon for that advice and not to a friend that’s a Real Estate Agent. Am I right??? Consequently if you have questions about setting your goals to become successful in the network marketing industry then please consult with your Upline Mentor and not someone that has No Success in this industry. *If you are new to the industry and your sponsor is also new to the industry, then you will need to seek out a mentor, coach and trainer from your upline that you like and connect with to learn ALL of the following skills from. Before we go any further let me address something very important. If you are not willing to submit your ego to a mentor, coach and trainer and do the things they tell you that are necessary to get where they are now… stop now pick up the phone cancel your order and get your money back before you decide to cry victim and say that the network marketing industry doesn’t work. The truth is that the network marketing industry does work if you choose to work any proven system with any reputable company in the network marketing industry. Furthermore, in my humble opinion there are only two kinds of people in the world… 1. Those of us that receive a residual check from sharing our opinions about a product, service or company that we have chosen to represent. 2. Then there’s everyone else that is sharing their opinion about everything for free.

Ask yourself this question… “Is there anything unethical, immoral or just plain wrong with the idea of being compensated for sharing your opinion with others about something you are proud to use??? I didn’t think so!!!

So, which one of these people are YOU going to choose to be??? Whether you choose to become a successful full-time professional network marketer or not I wish you happiness and God’s blessings today and every day but if you want to learn more… keep reading and let’s set some goals to learn and master the skills below ASAP. 1. Understand that your Upline has Everything to Gain by Helping YOU and Nothing to Gain from Misleading YOU or Lying to YOU!!! I bring this up because there are a number of programs being promoted out there in cyberspace floating around on the Internet making the claim that they can teach you what your upline cannot or will not. They all make claims like “Discover the lies that your upline doesn’t want you to know about your company, product or service.” Every one of these programs have been developed by people that have made a business out of slandering good people and the companies they represent. Every one of these programs are designed to target the people that are not willing to take the time to learn the skills that I’m about to share with you for FREE. Every one of these programs charge you a fee of anywhere from $69.00 to hundreds of dollars for their training information. Most importantly, these systems prey on the people that are not willing to learn and work a system their upline leaders have proven time and time again with new people that are willing to learn and work the systems they teach. 2. Master Your Company’s System Every company worth being a part of will have some kind of training program that should teach you how to launch your own business and how to launch the business of the people that you bring into your business with you. The power of this process is duplication. The easier the system is to learn and duplicate the faster your business will grow. Provided you follow the system, don’t prejudge anyone and commit to the process without trying to reinvent anything and I do mean anything. When you’re making more money than the person that created the system then and only then should you consider changing anything. But then again at that point why would you try and fix something that’s not broken??? 3. Become a Master Inviter This is the first real skill that every “NEW” person just getting started in the network marketing industry must learn. Every training program should cover how to do an invitation so you can get the people you already know to take a look at what you’re excited about and want to share with them. Listen closely in casual conversation to the people that you talk with all the time and they will tell you all of the reasons they may have to join your team, if you just listen closely you can learn a lot about people. As Stephen Covey says; “Listen with the intent of understanding as opposed to just responding in a conversation and you will be amazed at what you will hear and more importantly how people will react to you.” Then you can invite them with a very nonintrusive question like… “Hey Sarah, who do you know that might want to spend more time with their family and build an additional income stream from home?” When most people are confronted with that question they will typically only have one of two answers. 1st You will have peaked their curiosity and they might say something like… “I don’t know, what’s involved? With that question they have now opened their ears and given us permission to invite them to take a look at your company, product or service. 2nd They might just say… I can’t think of anyone. In which case they have just put themselves into the “NEXT” category and that’s okay too. The thing that we all need to remember is that the key to a successful invitation begins with effective listening and being on the lookout for the things people say that uncover the sources of their pains. We all have things in our lives that cause us some degree of discomfort and your mission is to help as many people as possible to eliminate those sources of discomfort by opening the door to a means to solve their problems. Whether they choose to walk through the door is not in your hands… your mission is just to open the door with an invitation you believe to be a gift. 4. Master the Art of Effective Follow Up There is an old expression that states… “The Fortune is in the Follow Up” and it’s oh soooooo true in every form of business I’ve ever found. Within my own team we have created a culture where we recognize the activity of all of our team members whom are actively engaged in the process but everyone knows that the company only pays us for our results. One of the most effective ways I’ve ever discovered to conduct “Follow Up” is to follow up with a 3-way call and let the upline
ask the questions of the prospect and remember that our prospects are always asking themselves “Can I Do This?” More than likely they won’t come right out and tell us that, but trust me when I tell you… the question of “Can I Do This?” is foremost in their minds the whole time they are evaluating the presentation about your company, product or service. 5. Become a 3-Way Call Expert This is a very important skill that everyone needs to learn as a new leader and team builder in this industry. Get with your upline and learn from the best person you can find, because this skill can make you “HUGE.”

Become a master interviewer, listener and phone presenter. Remember that your people will do what you do… not what you say. This is a skill that you need MASTER so you can teach it to your new people.



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