A Blank Canvas and Paints of Many Colors by Margie Aliprandi

Margie_AliprandiBreak the old pattern by celebrating and releasing 2010. New Beginnings – Everyone loves the idea of a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. And while each new day truly represents that for each of us there is something particularly inspiring about the possibilities that the new year brings. So before you rush headlong into 2011, I’m going to encourage you to closeout 2010 with a very powerful, clear and celebratory effort.

Before life begins to happen for you in 2011 I encourage you to take some time for reflection so you can image your year exactly as you want it to be and truly become the author of 2011.

I love the imagery of a blank canvas sitting before you. And you hold the brushes and all of the colors in your hand. Remember that what you’re creating has never happened before. You get to create it. Everything that has happened before is a preparation, but truly ancient history when it comes to your creating today.  NULL

Let’s say we’re always creating. Creating deliberately or by default. Most of us suffer from what I call “rear view thinking”. When we look at today’s results and revenues and let that determine our attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and feelings about our business, it could be likened to driving down the freeway at 65 miles per hour and navigating by looking into our rear view mirror. The results and revenues that you enjoy, or are not particularly enjoying today, are the results of yesterdays thoughts, attitudes, actions and beliefs. Rather than perpetuating that cycle you can break that pattern by celebrating and releasing 2010. Here’s an exercise: 1. Take full responsibility for every situation in your life right now. Have a “the buck stops here” attitude. If you don’t like the results you’re experiencing in your business, don’t complain about or look at your upline, downline, sideline or company. Look at yourself squarely in the mirror. Take responsibility for creating you’re business the way you want it. 2. Celebrate and acknowledge yourself for what you accomplished in 2010. Overall, most people would agree that this has been a rough year. A lot of people feel a bit ‘beat up’. While I’m sure we all had times of disappointment and hardship, there were also triumphs. I encourage you to celebrate them and then release it all to the new. To prompt you a bit here are some questions: When in 2010 were you strong? When did you start something that you completed? When did you try something new that actually scared you a bit but you did it anyway? When did you go the extra mile? When did you keep a promise? When were you kinder, more loving, thoughtful and forgiving? When did you go beyond your limits and even surprised yourself? Even if there were days when all you did was put one foot in front of the other and hang on… congratulate yourself for that too. 3. This should put you in a place of gratitude to yourself, which is the perfect place to begin visualizing. When you envision something, you create in your minds eye, something that isn’t here yet. You want to actually be picturing yourself enjoying it in the present moment. How do you want your life and business to be in 2011? I encourage you to think BIG. Get it on the radar; chances are that those fabulous, grand things will not occur out of the blue. You need to get it on the radar.

So think really big as you visualize yourself powerfully and consistently prospecting, leading a team, cashing large checks, crossing the stage. Visualize your team members achieving their goals and dreams.

4. Craft a daily action plan. Think of one big thing that you would like to accomplish in the next 90 days. Whether it’s doubling your income, achieving a rank advancement or whatever. List ten action steps that you will take toward achieving that goal. Make sure that you have a daily plan for the revenue producing activities of network marketing… prospecting, presenting, following up, enrolling and training new team members. You can do this with all areas of your life. How do you want your health to be? Your relationships? Your spiritual life? Your contribution to your community? Recognize that when you achieve excellence in one area of your life it has a ripple effect into all areas of your life.

A year from now you’re going to be closing out 2011 and looking at a canvas that is full of color, a canvas that is now filled. The question is, how much of it did you actually create by design rather than by default?

The more clearly you envision your business and your life, and the more often you reinforce that beautiful vision, the closer your results will be to your hearts fondest desires.


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