About The Economic Strategist By Charles Thiesen Audio

George Madiou Interviews Charles Thiesen About The Economic Strategist Product Asset Protection And Tax Saving Strategies On The Network Marketing Magazine Building Fortunes Radio With Peter Mingils.

Charles Thiesen asks George Madiou an intriguing question…….

Would it be ok if I asked you, which of these 3 would you be most interested in hearing about?

  1.  Defer Tax on up to 100% of Business Income to Perpetuity.

  2.  Titanium Asset Protection: NO Judge, Federal, State, or Local Has Jurisdiction Over Your Estate

  3. Gain 100% of Your Privacy: Paper Trail Eliminated On All Assets

Charles Theisen

Charles Theisen is the Founder and President of Theisen Financial Group.

Charles is a Financial Professional who serves his clients by helping them find money they are both unknowingly and unnecessarily losing. His role as a Macro Manager entails developing working relationships with his clients existing FA, CPA, ESQ's, etc increasing communication between those professionals effectively increasing the level of service for the client.

Charles is the proud father of three sons Joshua-USN Ret., Jeremy and Dustin and three grandchildren Briana Natalie and Levi.

He resides in Hollywood, Florida. His hobbies include travel, golf,and speaking on The Shared Revenue Economy.
Charles Theisen
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