A Brief History of MLM by Eddy Chai

Direct selling, where merchants or sales people go door-to-door selling goods, is a business model that has been around for hundreds of years. Part 1. The Beginning of MLM. Direct selling, where merchants or sales people go door-to-door selling goods, is…

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Eddy Chai

Eddy Chai
Eddy was born in Kuching, East Malaysia. At the age of 27 immigrated to Vancouver, Canada where he owned and operated several diners and cafes. He was introduced to MLM in 1980 and moved to Taiwan to do the business even though he had never been to Taiwan, do not know anybody there and do not speak the language.

In 1987 he was appointed by one of the largest MLM company in the world to be the Managing Director of Taiwan. Through his hard work and enthusiasm he built that company to be the number 169 of the Fortune 500 companies in Taiwan in 1995.

Eddy has 30 years of experience in MLM and his organization spans over 20 countries with over three million members. Today, he is the Founder and CEO of new MLM company called Diamond Lifestyle Corporation.

1998 Eddy was elected as one of the Most Outstanding Businessman of the Year in Taiwan, as well as the 2002 Times Elite Award of Taiwan. He was featured in numerous domestic and foreign print and media for his accomplishments in MLM.

Website: eddychai
Website Chinese:dlcorp
Website English:diamondlifestylecorporation
Twitter:twitter /eddychai
Email: eddy@dlcorp
Facebook: Edward Chai
Eddy Chai

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