Acceptable Compliant Claims by DonnaMarie Serritella

DonnaMarie has compiled these “safe” claimes to keep us out of trouble.

Working in my own business has changed my life.

The extra income I have generated is making life better for my family. That’s important to me.

I’m in the top 10% of the company.

I have built a team and together we are building our businesses.

Being my own boss means I answer to me! The harder I work the more time and money I can take for vacations and family.

When I built my team and really got my business going, I was able to buy the house we had been dreaming of. It took a while to get there, but it was a great journey.

I can’t promise you a great love story, but I did meet my wife at an annual convention!  Now we work together for twice the results.

I’m so glad I took the first step. I’m pretty young and so much further ahead in my goals than most people my age.

I never expected to be this financially successful without a college degree! I’m excited to see how far I can reach!

Donna Marie Serritella
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