Acting Out Of Your Commitments Instead Of What Is Convenient by Dr. Joe Rubino

Joe_RubinoOne of the most prominent reasons why people fail in network marketing is that they, too often, act out of what is convenient in the moment. HAVING THE COURAGE TO ACT OUT OF YOUR COMMITMENTS One of the most prominent reasons why people fail in network marketing is that they, too often, act out of what is convenient in the moment. When you act in this manner, you are at the affect of your environment and the prevailing circumstances as opposed to being the source of who you are and what you do. Being the source of what shows up around you in life comes as a result of a declaration you make to see that it is so.

By taking such a stand for your excellence or the excellence of others, you are declaring, as an act of courage, your commitment to being the best you can be.

By doing so, you are, in effect, deciding to trust yourself in the moment of decision to do the “right” thing. With respect to building a large network marketing organization, that often looks like prospecting someone when it may be more convenient or comfortable not to do so. NULL

You commit to act out of your principles rather than out of what might be most convenient at that particular time.

This will require a ruthless commitment on your part to being clear about what you are really most committed to – your business or taking the easy way out.

It’s up to you to decide which is more important every time a decision comes up in which you can either act in a way that moves your business forward or in a way that is easier to take. This critical moment of decision, “The Y of Leadership” is the “fork” in the road requiring you to make a courageous choice in the moment.

Which Path Will You Take? The decision to take the “right” path is one you will be required to make each time a new situation arises that tests your commitment and courage. Your success will be related to generating the necessary courage in the moment of decision time and time again.

This one is never handled but must be chosen anew each time another opportunity presents itself. As you decide time and again to act out of your commitments, you will strengthen the muscle of being able to trust yourself to be counted upon.

And in those instances when you choose the path of least resistance that does not support your business and your excellence, all there is to do is forgive yourself and recommit to do better the next time. Your personal power will result from your courageous and never ending declaration to act from the perspective of your commitments. EXERCISE YOUR COMMITMENTS TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS 1) Daily, in each moment of decision, practice becoming more aware of your options to choose to honor your commitments and values rather than what is most convenient at the time. Notice in particular each time you are about to choose NOT to prospect someone because you lack the nerve… and choose otherwise to do so. 2.) In your journal daily, record your observations around those instances where you are required to choose between honoring your commitments and taking the easy way out.


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