After the Warm Market is Gone and Other Phrases That Scare You by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonSometimes there are some things that happen, that scare you beyond belief. But are they too scary? Network marketing can be such an exciting opportunity. You get to have something you believe in. You get to work the hours you want on your business. You get to be your own boss. You determine how much you want to make by the effort you put in. There is just so much that you have to be excited about in this industry. BUT… sometimes there are some things that happen, that just scare you beyond belief!

It is okay to hear something and be fearful of it as long as you are also blowing right past it to grow your business.

I have transacted with many direct marketers and network marketers. One of the first things that seems to come up so often is, “I have talked to everyone in my warm market, now what do I do?”  NULL I think this comes up because we have a high hope that our warm market will be all we need. That between our friends and family, we sometimes believe that we will get enough of them involved that we will never have to face that cold market. But as much as this group is the ones that love us, care for us, and want to protect us, they are the ones that often are the good luck wishers too. They hope you do well in whatever you do but they don’t always want to be in there with you doing it. And that is okay! Once we realize that we have asked, we need to move on. There are others out there and you will learn to find them. I know that the uplines, and the others in our business will give us many ideas and we need to implement them. They may seem more challenging and a little scarier but those are things that they have seen work so they are coming from a place of truth.

Also talking with others such as a coach, others not necessarily in your industry and even your competitors will bring you new ideas that make that cold market a little less chilly.

Another scary phrase that may come up in network marketing is the market is saturated. That never really is true even in the old days, but nowadays with the internet, the world is wide open. It may mean really finding new creative ideas to implement your product or service so that it helps people in a different way or reaches a new market but the saturation only exists in your mind if you let it. An additional phrase you may hear from others or tell yourself is “I am not good at selling”.

Unless you live on a deserted island or in a mountain cave all by yourself, then you are good at selling.

Every day, you sell in more ways than you even realize. If you are trying to get a job, you are selling your skills. If you are trying to get a date, you are selling who you are. If you are trying to win an award, then you are selling all that you have accomplished. Life is a constant dance of intricate designs that leads to the final step which is that of the sale. So everyone is a salesman. Now being good at selling means you must hone your skills. It means getting all the steps down which may mean taking the challenge and finding that accountability partner and co-creator so you can be dancing with sales. Then there is that phrase that we find scary and dislike too. And that is when someone says, “I have decided this isn’t for me” or “I decided not to buy” . Yikes! You thought you had them and knew that this was going to be a great fit for them. Then they are suddenly gone. It is going to happen. You know that.

But do you know how you will handle it so that it doesn’t bother you and will never be a turning point in you doing your business.

There was a song by “The Goads” many years ago (those of you that were in Amway many years ago probably remember them) and one of the songs they sang still rings so true and powerful today. In it they had a phrase where they say “check… next”. That simple phrase just reminds you, to check them off your list and move on to the next one. Really that is all there is. You have got to stay positive, motivated, excited, and most importantly is to stay in kindness with those that you have checked off. Because you never know how they may come into your life again or become the exact person you need for something else. There are no phrases that can be too scary.

You just need to be prepared in your heart and in your mind. Know yourself and be good within your own space about these phrases.

Get past the ones you can and that may mean getting that co-creative partner to keep you moving forward. You want to succeed. That is why you are here and reading and learning from the different sources in your life. So phrases be gone and create success in your business and all the areas of your life!


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