All you have to do is throw traffic at a website and you will get a ton of sign ups by Benjamin Fitts

Benjamin FittsThis article presents the THIRD of the 5 Lies the Experts tell you- This month I want to talk about the third lie in my 5 lies the experts tell you. This may not be a lie as much as a myth that many new internet marketers fall for. The myth goes something like this: You receive an email promising you 250,000 hits to your web site for only $250. A logical person says “Well hey, even if only 1 in 1,000 sign up then you’ll sign up 250. If 1 in 10,000 sign up then you’ll sign up 25.” That sounds great, right? Especially, if you’re selling a product with a large retail commission or sponsoring new distributors. Unfortunately, the reality is, these are often scams.

First of all, the traffic you get from something like this never equals the amount of traffic you purchased.

 NULL If you have a program like Webalizer or Analog that checks your web statistics or maybe you use Google Analytics, you’ll never see the 250,000 hits you purchased. If you complain to the company that sold you the hits they usually provide you a link where you can see the 250,000 hits their records show they sent you. Or they might apologize and send you a few more hits. Regardless, it is very difficult to get them to provide the number of hits you actually purchased.

Second of all, the hits you get from the purchased traffic are untargeted.

Meaning that the people are not looking to join a business or they are not looking to buy vitamins or whatever. Because the traffic is not targeted, you’re going to get a lot less sign ups. You certainly would want to send them to a more effective sales page or squeeze page than your company’s self replicated web site. (For further information see my article in the last issue of the Network Marketing Magazine on why your self-replicated web site isn’t a good choice to advertise.) The third reason is fraud.

That’s right – plain and simple – these companies usually scam you. They have lots of ways they can generate “fake” web traffic. Or, they generate traffic by scamming other people.

Since the majority of traffic you purchase is fraudulent traffic this is also going to impact the number of people that sign up. For the purposes of a discussion in this magazine I won’t get into the technical aspects of all the things these companies do to generate fake traffic. Suffice it to say that most of the so-called “hits” won’t actually see your web site or they’ll see it for a few seconds before the screen pops open another web page, and they never even read a word of your web page. I’m an expert internet marketer and I have to admit I’ve tried some of these programs myself. If you research this before you buy you’ll usually find complaints from people that didn’t get what they paid for. Even people who tried to advertise some free program get very few, if any, sign ups. If you’re selling a paid program or product then you’re going to have a REALLY hard time getting sign ups from this type of internet traffic. In fact, my opinion is that if you have $250 to invest in your business there are better ways to invest it. Of course $250 is an arbitrary number. You might be able to buy hits for less or buy so called “targeted” hits for more money. I would rather have you invest in your own education.

Invest in yourself and learn how to generate more traffic to your web site.

Buy some ebooks and software on building a mailing list. Buy some training material on how to get better search engine rankings or how to use social networking sites to get more traffic. Another alternative would be to invest in advertising to promote your web site. If you do it yourself, even if you don’t get any sign ups at least it will be a learning process and you can learn what works and what doesn’t work for your advertising. Make sure you install some sort of tracking mechanism on your web site so you can see where people are coming from and what they are doing. Most web hosting companies will provide this for you. If you know a little bit about how to make a web page then you can use Google’s Analytics, which is a free tracking service for your web site. You simply cut and paste in the code that Google gives you into the HTML of your web page. Once you do, Google will begin to track your web site’s visitors. Even if you don’t know what HTML is – that’s ok as most web companies will provide something to show you your web site’s hits, visits, search engine keywords, top referrers, etc. If you have a tracking method in place and you purchase these hits, I’m sure your results will be similar to my own. You’ll find that the companies are usually scamming you out of your money and you won’t get very many if any sign ups for your business or product. So what can you do to generate more traffic to your web site? In early 2008 I’ll begin to cover these topics right here in The Network Marketing Magazine. Keep reading our magazine as the next couple of issues will cover number 4 and 5 in our 5 “lies” series.


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