A Map to the Fast Track by Kat McCarthy

Kat McCarthySetting goals gives you a map. Get started and follow your map to success! There have been hundreds of books written about the power and value of writing goals, but is that really enough? Goals are a wonderful way to begin drafting your map to success; however, having a goal ‘out there’ a year from now is hardly something that impacts today in this now moment.

The most powerful goals are those that engage and inspire us well beyond the initial writing. The power within a goal is the commitment and intention that it represents.

A road map be crafted that will inspire us to stay committed to our intention and staying on track until we reach our goal. A goal is the destination. It’s where you want to land and it is usually placed within a time frame. To create an effective map, you need to first be very clear about the destination. Most of us create goals based on what we think we need to accomplish certain tasks which is great; however there are a couple of other things to be considered before you commit to your goal. NULL Do you believe that your goal is possible? Let’s say for a minute that you picked a goal to be making $5000 per month in 12 months time in a new company. It’s definitely doable, lots of people can create that kind of organization in a year – but do you believe that you can? How you feel about your goal is paramount because if there is any doubt, it will gnaw at your resolve. Goals are funny things. If someone sets one that is bigger then his belief, the likelihood is that he will give up long before the time frame it was placed in. If someone sets a goal that is in alignment with what they believe they are capable of, he could easily achieve so much more then the original goal in the same time frame.

It’s all about feeling positive about the outcome and your ability to achieve the intended outcome.

Is your goal born of need or inspiration and excitement? The feeling of ‘need’ doesn’t usually contain enough fuel to see you through to the end of your map where your destination is. The weight of obligation will likely feel like a ball and chain which could slow you down considerably. An inspired and excited feeling on the other hand will make the work light and the journey fun and enjoyable. It will amaze you how easily you move through the required action to accomplish your dream from this stance. An inspired goal will also allow you the emotional space you need to love your people into their own success, which of course increases your organization and puts you closer to your goal. So how do you know if your goal is born of need or inspiration? How you know where your goal is coming from is a bit tricky to answer as it will be different for everyone. A need based goal will be mostly a thought process coming from the logical mind. If you think about how you would feel if you don’t obtain your goal and a feeling of dread or fear shows up somewhere in your body or mind, it is a safe bet that it is a need based goal. This feeling is the very feeling that could become problematic later.

On the other hand, an inspired feeling will resemble how you felt when you were kid anticipating your trip to the circus.

For many people it will show up in their bodies or quicken their steps, feeling a bit like walking on a cloud. This is the feeling that will propel you forward to ultimately feel the triumph of success. Destination reservations made; now what?

Now that you have a clear idea of where you are going, the next step is to create map. A map creates the milestones – the little successes that can be celebrated on the road to reaching your goal.

Celebrating your milestones is an important part of the success process; it helps you stay engaged and fuels the next leg of your journey. The map is a route between here and there. I find it helpful to look at the destination and work backwards to create maps. Keep in mind that you will create momentum as you build your organization so each milestone is a multiple of the last. Here’s an example using $2000 per month being the goal after one year’s time. 12 months: $2000.00 per month 9 months: 1000.00 per month 6 months: 500.00 per month 3 months: 250.00 per month (Be sure to use your own goals rather then the example numbers I am using here. It is the principle here that is powerful, not the amount I choose to illustrate!) So in this example, the first milestone would be $250 per month at the end of 3 months work. The time frame of 3 months is important in that it reminds you to give yourself some time. Whether you make the $250 per month mark in 1 or 4 months probably isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of your main goal, but it does assist you to not get too impatient with yourself. Now let’s break it down even further. 🙂 It is also useful to know a few other numbers like how much you need to make each day or how many people you need to sponsor each week to reach your first milestone. Every pay plan is different so the number of people you would need to sponsor each week would be impossible for me to work out here.

Let’s take a quick look at how much you would need to make each day to get to the $250 per month mark.

$250 divided by 30 days = $8.34 per day. Now consider that you have left yourself 2 months to reach that mark of $8.34 per day. That kind of puts things into perspective doesn’t it? How many products would you need to sell to make that tiny bit of money? Your second milestone would be $16.67 and so on. Presumably, you would be getting better and better at networking as you go and so each milestone would be just as easy as the last to accomplish. Before you know it, you are at the top of the year probably making more money than your goal stated. Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music!! It’s really, really important that you celebrate every single chance you get.

Celebration fuels the inspiration and makes the journey a rewarding one.

Celebrate when you make your very first per day amount. (Or sponsor someone depending on which numbers you are using.) Celebrate the first time you make your per day amount 2 days in a row. Celebrate the first time you make you per day amount 3 days in a row. And so on… Celebrate in a big way when you reach your milestones. Celebrate, celebrate, and celebrate!!! Dance your way right to the top of your pay plan – see ya at the top! Happy Dancing Kat McCarthy


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