An Alternative to the Traditional Four Year Degree by Richard Brooke

Author_14488RichardBrookeCheck out The Network Marketing Institute of Higher Learning (NMIHL): A Virtual University This concept is not intended to invalidate the value of a Four Year Degree. In many fields, such a degree is required, and data does show that, given an even playing field, those with a Four Year Degree will earn an average of $13,000 more per year than those with just a high school diploma. And yet, we are seeing a shift in the paradigm around education, especially in those individuals with the entrepreneurial “gene.” Guess which of these people dropped out of college to start their own businesses? Bill Gates, Microsoft Steve Jobs, Apple Michael Dell, Dell Computers Larry Ellison, Oracle Richard Branson, Virgin Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook NULL Russell Simmons, Def Jam Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Shawn Fanning, Napster Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions, Oprah Winfrey Show Walt Disney, Walt Disney Debbi Fields, Mrs. Field’s Bakeries All of them. Currently in the US, 4.9% of all citizens with a college degree are unemployed. Almost 54% of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed; they are more likely to work at a coffee shop or local restaurant than in their field of study, according to a Labor Force Study conducted at Northeastern University. Furthermore, for the first time in history, student loans total over one trillion dollars … more debt than all Americans combined have on credit cards. The truth is, a high percentage of these graduates may be “unemployABLE,” because their degree and career experience are irrelevant in today’s changing world. Randy Gage, in his new book, Risky is the New Safe, details this moving target issue for graduates today. One can always master a trade to be a housekeeper, chef, high end waitress, plumber, electrician, tile man, painter or landscaper, and likely never be out of work. And, it is highly unlikely that the average plumber or electrician earns $13,000 less a year than the average college graduate. But, when we are trained to work in trades that are impacted by technology, we are too often setting ourselves up for a life of confusion and disappointment, as our chosen line of work eventually becomes automated and eliminated altogether. There are a set of “soft arts” that, historically, have been undervalued in the traditional college education system… a set of Arts that are worth far more than any college degree, and a set of Arts that transcend every profession.

These Arts fall under one “Major”, which we call, Leadership. Not in a theoretical sense, but in a hands-on, “learn it like a bricklayer” sense. Mastering the Art of Leadership can provide a lifetime of success, regardless of the trade or “trade winds.”

There is no better facility of higher learning for the Art of Leadership, than the field of Network Marketing. To succeed in Network Marketing, one must master the following: Disciplines of Leadership: 1. Vision and Self Motivation 2. Commitment 3. Listening and Coaching 4. Training 5. Value Based Selling 6. Public Persuasion 7. Conflict Resolution 8. Business Planning 9. Marketing 10. Social Media From a practical standpoint, Leadership can be defined as: “The ability to get people to do things that they will not do on their own initiative” In Network Marketing, we lead people to pursue an income opportunity that they normally would not pursue, and would not pursue successfully, without our leadership. To be clear, in this case, we are not leading people to do something they do not want to do… but rather, something they do want to do, but are “afraid” to try. The fundamental of one succeeding in Network Marketing requires that they not only perform personally and powerfully in the model, (i.e. selling, recruiting and training) but they also lead others to do the same. And, leadership in Network Marketing requires level two, three, and four leadership; meaning one must master leading leaders. Success in Network Marketing will look like the leader is amassing a group of “sales reps,” in the thousands. Within that group of thousands, are hundreds of leaders, and within the hundreds of leaders, will be dozens of level two leaders, and a few level three leaders. Yes, it looks like any other hierarchical structure. You are at the top, and everyone else is under you … the dreaded pyramid. The difference is, you built this structure from the ground up, starting with the first block …you. Successful leadership, in the right host Network Marketing company, will result in a “Residual Income” in the tens of thousands of dollars per month. Residual, meaning that once the structure of people is built into the thousands, it perpetuates itself, based on the initiatives of each of the participants. Therefore, the one on top could retire and continue a wealthy lifestyle, indefinitely.  This is wealth building in the new age. Ergo … The Network Marketing Institute of Higher Learning (NMIHL): A Virtual University

Degrees offered: Only one; A Masters in Leadership and Residual Income-A Four Year Degree Tuition: None Debt upon graduation: None Cost to parents or taxpayers: None Relocation and housing requirement: None Campus location: Where ever you want Job opportunities upon graduation: None Applicable Income upon graduation: $60,000-$600,000 annually … fully residual Parents income upon your graduation:$60,000-$300,000 MORE than when you entered this college Net worth upon Graduation: $1,000,000-$10,000,000 Best candidates: Those whose parents are currently building in a Network Marketing company

Here is how we work at NMIHL: We, the university, are sponsored into your chosen Network Marketing company. This can be any, legitimate company with a product line and business model which is likely to prosper over the coming decades. The university has a list of completely vetted Network Marketing companies, with which we work. No student will be accepted who represents a business culture or product that has a likely short life cycle, or who represent a company that dishonors the profession of Network Marketing. If you elect not to represent your parent’s current company, but a different one of your choosing, you may opt for your parents to take a position with your new company (with the permission of their current company.) An important part of our philosophy is that your life, in its most productive earning years, should provide for your parent’s retirement years. This is a gift of gratitude, for their commitment to bringing you into this world, and giving you all of the opportunities that life and liberty provide. NMIHL will then sponsor you, the student. NMIHL will hold multiple positions, in multiple lines of sponsorship, in hundreds of Network Marketing companies. Yes, this will require some negotiations with these companies. The staff at NMIHL are all highly skilled, experienced, and successful coaches, trainers and leaders. We have all proven ourselves on the field of battle. Our highest core values are contribution and teaching. Each staff member is, or will become, fully up to date on all aspects of every Network Marketing company represented by the students, and works in concert with your upline as well as each company’s respective training system. The NMIHL staff IS your sponsor and dutifully fills that role.   The CURRICULUM: Freshman:  You, the student, master all the basics of your chosen company… the product, the plan, and the business model. You prospect 2-5 people every day, and report to your instructors for debriefing the following day. You start your build on day one. Classe
s, real world assignments, and debriefings are scheduled based on each of the Ten Disciplines of Leadership outlined above. Freshman passing grade: Four personally sponsored, actively building, sales leaders.

  • Likely Monthly income: $1,000
  • Monthly Expenses: $500
  • Monthly Net income: $500

Sophomore:  Students continue prospecting 2-5 people per day, along with expanded assignments in coaching, listening, public persuasion, conflict resolution, etc. Passing grade: 20 total actively building leaders, at any level, and a total of 200 distributors

  • Likely Monthly income: $3,000
  • Monthly Expenses: $500
  • Monthly Net income: $2,500

Junior:  Juniors spend the majority of their time in the Leadership Arts, with nominal assignments in prospecting and enrollments. Listening, Coaching, and Public Persuasion are the main focus.

  • Likely Monthly income: $6,000
  • Monthly Expenses: $500
  • Monthly Net income: $5,500

Senior:  Senior education is a continuation of Junior curriculum, with a focus on Leading the Leaders. The target here is to create a team of leaders that appreciate your contributions, respect and admire you, but do not need you.

  • Graduation Monthly Income: $12,000-$20,000
  • Net worth: $2 Million
  • Parent’s Monthly Income: $5,000-$10,000, just from your business.

First year post-graduation … 5th year of the package Income with exponential growth: $20,000-$50,000 a month Net worth: $4-$10 Million

  • College Income.
  • Nothing from the State or the Feds.
  • Nothing from you.
  • Nothing from your parents: only a lifetime of income from your business, in direct proportion to how well they have equipped you to win, and how well they have helped you pick a company that will pay them for decades, or longer.

Most importantly, you are permanently equipped with the skills to succeed in any business, any political cause, or any cause at all that requires Mastery of Self and the power to lead others. Game over? Nope… game just begun. Think about this, if you are a college graduate… What could you have done with your life thus far had you graduated from college not in debt, not burying your family in debt, and not having lost four years in the practice of taking tests and faking knowledge… more importantly, not desperate to take any decent job in your field, only to end up stuck there 10-30 years later? Instead, you can graduate with a residual income of $10,000-$20,000 a month: “freedom of choice” income. What could you have done with your life? What would you have done?

A quantum leap game has just begun.

For more inspirational insight to achieve your personal success or to share with friends and family, check out The Four Year Career®. – Richard Bliss Brooke


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