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Chad BumgarnerThe Opening of Our Minds Have you even had someone tell you that you’re insane? Has anyone ever made fun of you, stuck their finger right in your face & laughed at you? Have you ever had anyone make fun of what you’re doing, when they didn’t even know that they don’t know? Yeah, me too! For those of us in the Network Marketing Industry, I’m sure most of us have experienced “feedback” in some form like this. Little do the majority know, but the Advantages of Owning Your Own Business, far exceed all the ridicule you’ll go through for not owning your own business! As one of my mentors, Robert Fason, said years ago: “A wise man once said… If you want to be successful in life, observe the masses, and do the opposite.”

Yes, one of the great advantages of owning your own business, is the deductions you get to make on your taxes. Taxes… yet another mystery, yet to be solved in this country!

 NULL Why is it… when we do something “out of the ordinary”, we are made fun of by those that are closest to us? Well, there are many different perspectives on this one. The first thought that comes to my mind, is because our family and friends have Dreams/Goals too, but are afraid to go after them! So, when someone they know “sticks his/her head up above crowd”, those closest to us feel like if we succeed, they’re going to get left behind… therefore, they “attempt” to knock us down. How do they do that? By making fun of us for going after what we truly desire in life! In my opinion, and it’s pretty sad… there’s something pretty sick about somebody making fun of someone for going after their Dreams & Goals! If any of you are experiencing this right now in your life, feel free to e-mail me @ [email protected] (make sure to put the “underscore” mark in between mrplatinum & ctb) and I’d be glad to share with you more of what I’ve gone through the past, almost 6 years! Life is Interesting… I’ve heard Darren Hardy, Publisher and Editorial Director of Success Magazine, say something along the lines of… back in the days of our Forefathers, around 80% of the people in this country owned their own business, and 20% worked for someone else or had a job. In years past, that trend reversed where 80% of people have been working for someone else, and 20% owned their own business. As Darren said, as well as many others have observed, especially the past couple years…

it looks like that trend is about to change back to where more people are going to basically have no other choice, but to own their own business!

To some that may scare the daylights out of them, but most people in this country ought to know by now that “job security” is a thing of the past! It’s time for everyone to at least make sure they have a “Plan B” in their life! That’s what those of us in this amazing industry, Network Marketing, can offer so many that are “lost” in this country right now! I can tell every one of you reading this right now… we all know friends, family, business associates & all kinds of contacts that we have, who are praying for what we all have our hands on! They’re not necessarily wanting to do exactly what some of us are doing, but they are definitely praying for “another way!” Now, we all know there are many different Network Marketing businesses out there! I’m not saying any one is better than the other. What I like about what we’re all doing, is working on ourselves to become a little bit better everyday! Personal Growth is so vital to the advancement of our businesses and unfortunately, many outside of this industry have no idea what “Personal Growth” is! So, continue to work harder on yourself, than you do on your business and just “be there” when your family and friends need you! Yes, there are times when we all want to just get away from it all and set our businesses down… and that’s ok. What I’ve come to realize though is what Personal Growth does to you, sometimes without even realizing it! Several years ago, a good friend of mine, came over to my house to take a look at the business that I’m in! Well, he’s still working for someone else and I know for a fact, that every time he drives by my place, he’s wondering what I’m up to! Why am I telling you all this…well, there’s a point to this little story. That night, when my friend, Josh, was at my house he said something to me that I’ve never forgotten. knew he’d been “getting information or opinions” from others on what I was doing, but he said the reason he came over to take a look at my business, was because, regardless of what everyone else was telling him…he trusted me, knew I was excited about something and he just had to check it out. Josh told me several months later that some of our friends were asking him how my business was going and here’s what my friend, Josh, said to them. “Have you not noticed the change in his attitude? He’s excited all the time!” Up until that point, I honestly didn’t realize how big of an impact Personal Growth was having in my life! So, when I’m going through the “Up’s and Down’s” of the business, like everyone else has gone through or will be going through… I sometimes think back to that story and it motivates me even more to “keep getting a little bit better everyday!” The Advantages of Owning Your Own Business stretch far beyond the normal things we automatically think about. Whether you’re brand-new to the industry and are reading this great online magazine for the first time or have been in the industry for 5, 10 or even 20+ years, always remember, no matter what you’re going through, I, along with, George Madiou & everyone that contributes to “The Network Marketing Magazine” are pulling for you! Keep your head up, no matter what you’re going through right now and always remember:

“Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day and the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!”

Until next time, I hope you’ve enjoyed my article this month! If I can have some kind of impact on even one of you that read this, then my time has been well worth it! I look forward to inspiring all of you for many, many years to come! Enjoy the rest of this great magazine & tell all your friends about it! Dream Big & don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something! You can do anything you put your mind to! I’m pulling for you and will be right here, cheering you on to your Dreams & Goals! As another of my mentors, Pastor Jess Gibson, has said: “My Passion is Your Potential!” “The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose!” This country is in desperate need of men and women like all of us! The next time you meet someone without a smile… give them yours! Are you going to win in 2010?


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