Announcing a New Addition to The Network Marketing Magazine by George Madiou

This issue of The Network Marketing Magazine introduces a new feature column by my friend, Russ McNeil. Russ is an expert in the art and science of “human connection.”

While the principles he teaches apply to virtually any human interaction, he tends to focus on how they apply to the networking profession (with a particular emphasis on prospecting). 

Russ presents his content in a way that’s never been done before: He uses traits and behaviors of animals to illustrate a full spectrum of prospecting-related topics.

Each of his “Critter Lessons,” as he calls them, explains a fascinating aspect of an animal, and then uses this information as a parable or metaphor for a specific human connection skill. Philosophies, mindsets, specific words, rapid rapport, unconscious signaling, super-empathy, and everything in between—if it matters to prospecting, Russ has a critter for it.

Russ has authored eight books on the subject of prospecting, the most recent five of which are all dedicated to critter lessons. He has four more critter-based titles nearing publication and plans for a dozen more beyond those. Clearly, he has a wealth of know-how to share.

We are thrilled that Russ has agreed to share some very special critter lessons with TNMM.

Starting with this issue of the magazine, “Critter Corner,” is a recurring column. Each month we’ll publish a fresh, new lesson written exclusively for the magazine. 

May the safari begin! Welcome aboard, Russ. 

George Madiou
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