A Perfect Fit by Jackie Ulmer

Jackie UlmerWe aren’t forced to choose between our job and our family and we can truly make a difference in the lives of others and enrich our families at the same time. Today I’m happy to be sharing some ideas with you on how women share the opportunity for the 7th Edition of the Women’s Issue at The Network Marketing Magazine. When you sit down with a group of women who are involved in network marketing, maybe you sit down with them over lunch, or at a convention or other event, you’re very often going to find that the conversation is much different than that of men. Instead of talking about the latest strategy to max out the compensation plan, women are often going to be more actively engaged in finding out about each other, our families, jobs, children, interests, hobbies and yes, it certainly will get around to business. While this group might have just met for the first time, by the time lunch is over many are well on their way to becoming great friends and already know much about the personal side of each other. NULL

Through this we develop support systems to uplift and empower each other. And we also learn good communication, listening, and business skills.

See, women are just born to get it done. We’re multi-taskers by nature and we wear the hats of mom, wife, breadwinner, caretaker, friend, volunteer, shuttle service driver and more.

Our primary focus is most often around family, friends, and home. This is exactly why a home business in network marketing is perfect for women.

Our homes are the center of our universe, and it only makes sense that we should make our living while at home with our children and families by our side. Being a mom requires flexibility. It doesn’t fit in an 8-5 routine, and that is exactly why corporate America is not a fit for so many of us. Network marketing allows us to fit a business into our own time schedule a put all of the pieces of the puzzle in to get everything done. Women make such a big difference in the network marketing environment because of their very nature of being nurturers, encouragers, supporters and all that goes along with that. We are the cheerleaders and we love nothing more than to empower others to believe in themselves, even when we have our own self-doubt to deal with. While we all love recognition we love nothing more than seeing those on our team reach the top and be recognized. Network Marketing builds the inner confidence women need to succeed, through product sales, (yes, I did use the “s” word, and it’s not a dirty word), team building, and developing our own income through our own efforts. These successful business skills are priceless and will serve us in all areas of our lives. Women also think differently about money.

We certainly want to do well financially and enjoy the fun things in life but our mission for earning money is often motivated to some degree by how we can make a difference in the lives of others through the income we earn.

There was a recent study by Thomas J. Stanley in The Millionaire Next Door and in talking about the female millionaire next door it showed that with female millionaires the average donation to charitable causes is 7% of our income. That is three and one half times the average of most households in the U.S. All of this shows why network marketing is such a perfect fit for women. We can pursue our own dreams and passions while sharing an opportunity to have it all with others in our circle of influence.

We aren’t forced to choose between our job and our family and we can truly make a difference in the lives of others and enrich our families at the same time. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So think about it. What woman can you reach out to today and share this opportunity with? Remember, as you start the communication process with women you’re going to want to focus on reconnecting with someone from your past, or certainly by establishing rapport by asking about them, asking about their families, career, children, and what’s going on in their lives. When you take a sincere interest in women then they become more interested in hearing what it is that your opportunity is all about. Use success language, don’t use hype or talk down to us, talk to us about how network marketing can make a difference in the lives of our families and ourselves. Then certainly talk about the income we are able to generate through a business is network marketing.


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