Appreciation Marketing by Maran Banta

Maran BantaThis easy-to-read book is filled with stories, ideas, and suggestions that will allow you to formulate what we call an “Appreciation Marketing Strategy” in your business and/or personal life.  Appreciation Marketing It’s a small book that will have a big impact. It has already made a major difference in how I do my business. And in case you don’t know me, I am The Chief Fun Officer at: So I thought I knew a couple of things about living in Appreciation. The fact is I do and the facts also are that Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey know a couple of things about living in appreciation and they also know some real cool stuff about how to apply appreciation to building a major Network Marketing business, or any business for that matter. NULL

Tommy and Curtis describe “7 Deadly Creatures” 7 ways you totally do not want to show up as. Just when they had me squirming in recognition they admitted to having at one time or another been all 7 themselves. When someone admits to me that they did at one time puke on someone about their network marketing opportunity… And that they (eventually) noticed it wasn’t very effective… And grew a bit and learned a better more effective approach then I am more inclined to listen to the rest of what they say. I like my teachers to show their growth, remember 6th grade and the math teacher telling us to show our work. I know these guys, I’ve had the great pleasure of being at our Company’s Leadership events with them. They are warm, authentic story tellers seeking connection with others thru the stories they tell. And they are strong leaders, not only in our company And the network marketing industry as a whole but in fact They are leaders for anyone who recognizes themselves To be in the Shipping Business. That’s RelationShipping, FriendShipping, PartnerShipping and LeaderShipping. Yeah! Let’s build this industry on a foundation of appreciation.

“I just read one of the simplest, most profound books on selling and recruiting success that I have read in decades… A for sure classic.” – Richard Bliss Brooke, Author of Mach II With Your Hair on Fire “If you’re looking for (i.e.; if your success depends on having) THE latest, greatest marketing advantage OF ALL TIME… it’s ‘Appreciation Marketing™,’ and Tommy Wyatt & Curtis Lewsey just wrote THE book on it! It is superb!” -John Milton Fogg, Author of The Greatest Networker in the World



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