April 2020

The Power of a Can Do Attitude.

Is there power in attitude?  I’m certain that you know that there is. We have all come across people with negative attitudes and also people with real positive attitudes. We have seen the results of both kinds of people. But what is the results of a person with a Can-Do attitude? Is there real power in that kind of attitude?Let us know your thoughts on how and why does a Can-Do attitude work!

Check out what the experts have to say in this special issue and let us know your opinion. 

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As you can tell by the bottom page that contains the copy write, this article first appeared in 1987 and was rewritten, because of the Internet, in 2004. Although many things remain the same since the founding of our industry in 1932, there are some interesting changes that need to...Read More »

Bulletproof by Dr. Steve Taubman

Note from the Editor: Our good friend, mindset expert, and frequent contributor, Dr. Steve Taubman has generously agreed to share the following excerpt from his newest book, Bulletproof. It’s one of the most comprehensive lists of strategies for achieving a positive mental attitude that I’ve ever seen… and it’s only...Read More »

The Power of a Can-Do Attitude, What it looks like, How to develop it and What makes it is So Important Today By John Hackett Ed.D.

The power of a can-do attitude couldn’t be a more important topic for this month’s Network Marketing Magazine and this time in our country and our world. A Can-Do Attitude is so important today as we face a myriad of uncertain forces affecting all we do.  In discussing the Can-Do...Read More »

The millionaire makers attitude by Jim Britt

So, what exactly is attitude? Your attitude which creates your mindset, takes in, digest, uses or rejects what is valuable and what is not, based on how you see yourself. Your attitude is like a command post. I’ll try or I won’t try. I’ll learn or I won’t learn. I’ll make the call, or I’ll put it off. Your...Read More »

Why having a die-hard attitude attracts more long-term success for businesses? By David Feinstein

Why having a die-hard attitude attracts more long-term success for businesses? Not many people, like others with a bad attitude. This goes for a business that tends to get tripped up on bad days. Their mood depends too much on gaining sales in rapid succession. They want wealth and prosperity, but...Read More »

The Power of a Will Do Attitude by Robert Butwin

The Power of a Will Do attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude! Be clear on your intentions. ...Read More »

You’re Correct Either Way By David Dunworth

It’s a simple matter of choice. We make choices/decisions all the time, even when we don’t think we are. Take breathing, for example. You inhale, you exhale. That is an unconscious decision you are making. What about eating, or drinking, or fasting, or binging? They are all decisions.  So it...Read More »


Discussion On The Effects On The MLM Industry And The FTC In Regard To The Coronavirus On Medical And Income Claims With Troy Dooly

The Network Marketing Magazine owner George Madiou and Consultant and beachside CEO Troy Dooly on Building Fortunes radio discuss MLM and Home Based Businesses and challenges distributors create with the FTC regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic and Medical and Income Claims while doing their online marketing with tips from Peter Mingils...Read More »

More Tips of Wisdom, From Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Trained leaders know exactly what to say and do. Here is one way of several different ways leaders handle this question. Distributor: “I have this problem. Can you fix it?” Leader: “Yes, this is a problem for sure. Now, what would you do to fix it, if you...Read More »

Achieving the Correct Mindset to Achieve Success in Your Home-Based Business! By David Feinstein

Achieving the Correct Mindset to Achieve Success in Your Home-Based Business! Here’s a quick exercise that you can do while you sit right there reading this article that will not hurt a bit… Answer the following questions as soon as they come to your mind and realize that no answer is wrong… 1) When you...Read More »

Maximizing Your Compensation Plan by Timothy Hunter

How do YOU create the best plan of success within your MLM Compensation Plan. MLM has been around longer than most of us and many new distributors and ‘Brand Partners’ are joining the Network Marketing Industry by the thousands each and every day.  The purpose of this Series of...Read More »

Get HUGE TAX DEDUCTIONS for HIRING Your KIDS to work in Your Home-Based Business By Dr. Ron Mueller

Get HUGE TAX DEDUCTIONS for HIRING Your KIDS to work in Your Home-Based Business By Nationally-Known Tax-Deduction Expert Dr. Ron Mueller Small and home-based business (HBB) owners can easily qualify for some amazing special tax deductions.  One of the least understood – yet one of the biggest of them all – involves hiring your...Read More »

Social Media & Technology

Social Media Tips - Life Experiances by Jim Lupkin

Social Media and a life experiance. Three reasons why people will do business with you! ...Read More »

Social Networking Association By Jim Lupkin

The Network Marketing Magazine Owner George Madiou Interviews Jim Lupkin The Social Networking Association SNA President And Board Member With Peter Mingils On Building Fortunes Radio About Anti-MLM And Social Media Selling ...Read More »


We are going through times like no other. By George Madiou

We are going through times like no other. This month’s issue is about The Power Of A Can Do Attitude! I’m going to explain the can do attitude of a 27%er networker. As a 27%er networker, you are special, in the network marketing industry. 4 weeks ago, life was normal. Networkers, all...Read More »