Are We Changing for the Better? by Sue Seward

Sue Seward

Let’s talk about love, faith, trust, belief, and making a conscious choice to change ourselves and our world for the better.

With more love in this world, how can we go wrong? After all, what are we seeing more of now in the world? Hate, anger, crime, and increasingly more people are being triggered by any mention of love or goodness. Why is that?

Seems like so many people have moved away from receiving love…. the only safe place to find truth, peace, and hope in my opinion. It may not be the opinion of someone else, but this is my personal choice. It wasn’t always this way until I changed for the better.

People are straying from a real love being led to change by seeking out disguised versions of the truth, especially our youth today.  It’s good to be thankful and express gratitude and stay positive in a world filled with so much negativity. A world that tries to change and conform us to worldly views that may not end up being as promising as they seem.

People are searching and seeking truth and answers to all the negative they see in the world. The last few years especially have been an overwhelmingly downhill spiral for so many. Does anxiety, worry, depression, loneliness, hopelessness, sickness, and feelings of despair sound familiar?

People are being cunningly led to seek out self-help. Been there done that and it got me nowhere. I decided to focus on God’s gift of love, miracles, and strength to change for the better.

There’s constant noise in our ears and minds with news and social media hyping with negative sensationalism.  There’s skyrocketing inflation, insane gas prices, high-interest rates, higher prices on everything, and empty shelves. 

“Change is…to give up what we are…to become what we could be..” Unknown……..

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Sue Seward
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