Are you playing to win or playing, not to lose? – by Ghazala Jabeen

Are you playing to win or playing, not to lose?

Well, this title makes you think twice.  With that in mind, I will give my two trains of thought.  One, are we serious about a win?  or two, are we just playing at it?  Let’s cut to the chase and say it as it is.   It’s either down to a determined mindset or a cautious mindset.

The questions you should be asking yourself are:- What am I playing?  Why do I want to play?  What is the reward?

For me, it is always playing with a winner’s mindset.  The word ‘lose’ rarely enters my head.  I do not give it much thought or put energy to expand on the negativity of the word ‘lose.  My mind is always creating the space to grow, with a results-driven mindset to succeed.

Several things come to mind when we talk about a WIN.  For example, what does winning mean to you?  Is it a sense of achievement?  A financial gain?  Or is the ego playing a part too?

How daring are you?  And how much do you want it? 

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Ghazala Jabeen
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