Are You Ready For The Challenge Of Change? By David Feinstein

When Opportunity Comes Knocking On Your Door Will You Answer?


So much of your success is dependent on your ability to recognize that opportunities are all around you.  If you only recognized it, you would realize the huge potential you have in front of you.  Many people ask me how to recognize an opportunity when it’s truly right there in front of their own eyes!

You know, opportunity doesn’t usually come along and BANG on your door…or a streak of LIGHTNING comes flashing down at you from the sky.  Frankly, it will just come creeping up to you one lovely day, totally unannounced, and take you completely by surprise…so much so you didn’t even notice its presence. Does that sound too philosophical?  Nah…I think it’s right on target!

Just think of different situations that you handled or failed to handle…or even failed to perceive that they even existed…until it was too late…and the parade passed you by!  By way of example, how many times have you met someone for the first time, and you didn’t even leave your business card with them, or the chance to attend a convention or a seminar and you didn’t attend?

Well, in my opinion, these were golden opportunities that you failed to recognize.

I’m sure, that you can make a long list of such instances when an opportunity knocked at your door and you didn’t even care to let it in!  Knock… knock…

The failure in recognizing an opportunity happens when we have not evolved ourselves to that level…of awareness. It’s like a child who cannot obviously understand things beyond their age.

Unless we work towards the achievements, towards the “awareness”, we will never be able to reach that maturity level to discern and distinguish different business situations that are in our presence.

But a smart “aware” entrepreneur, by just talking to a person, can figure out the possible advantages or even disadvantages of doing business with that person. With his continuous efforts to make the best use of every instance, he develops a clear understanding of what is an opportunity and what is not. I like to call this “clear discernment”.  It’s all about awareness and being open and receptive to everyday opportunities and what’s around you.

I advise you all to have a good look around. Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, you will find enough profitable situations, where opportunity abounds…only you have to recognize them.  You have to be aware of them, that they even exist.

There’s a wonderful story I read, about a Marketing Manager of a Japanese noodles company, who around 25 years ago went to study the market potential of noodles as a product for India. He, together with his team, carried out quite an extensive survey in a particular region in India by talking to people about their eating habits. To his dismay, his research concluded that the people of that region preferred only their regular staple foods and disliked anything other than that.

The frustrated Marketing Manager called up his CEO in Japan and said, “Boss, I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but I think we’ll have to dump the whole idea of launching our product in India. People just don’t like foreign food here!”

To that, the CEO said, “Wow! We have a golden opportunity there! If people in that part of the world, don’t even know what noodles are, we would be the first ones to tell them!”

The Manager thought probably his boss had gone crazy, but little did he realize, that noodles would bring a revolution in the eating habits of millions of Indians with a slew of foreign companies starting their operations one after the other. Today noodles are a part of Indian food and families have accepted this once-a-foreign food as an integral part of their daily food intake.

Well, the CEO sure had evolved thinking! Don’t you think? He was shrewdly able to recognize the huge opportunity; he opened a whole new opportunity for more foreign companies that established their “unacceptable” products in India over the years.

My friends, it’s all in the way you look at it. What seems like a mere difficult situation to you could actually be an extraordinary chance for another person. But if you are evolved in your perception, I am sure you would not fail to welcome any advantageous business situation you come across.

David Feinstein
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