Are you using dinosaur methods from the 1950s to build your business? by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Author_19573TomSchreiterRemember the 1950s? No Internet, no cable television, no after-school activities, no soccer practices, etc. In the 1950s you could invite someone to an opportunity meeting and it was “entertainment” for the evening. Not much else to do.

But today, people are busy. Facebook, email, cable television, after-school activities, soccer practices, etc. If you ask someone to give up an evening to come to an opportunity meeting, and tell them you can’t say what it is about . . . but they will find out when they get there . . . ouch.

That’s going to be hard.

See why a good “One-Minute Presentation” is necessary in today’s world?

If you are still trying to build your business with methods from the 1950s… well, you are a dinosaur. It’s going to be ugly.


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