Are You Creating the Right Experience when Recruiting? by Doug Firebaugh

Doug FirebaughHow do you relate to your prospects in your network marketing business and keep YOU in their mind? Do you understand the Power that PULLS people towards your marketing in your home business? How do you relate to your prospects in your network marketing business and keep YOU in their mind?

Are you building a personal brand that can be FELT and not just remembered for your mlm efforts?

Today, things are changing, and with the social media and the mobile media now exploding, the power of your brand must go beyond just being a “cute” thing or a “hip” thing. It must be a FELT thing. Feelings are SO powerful in branding and getting even more so.

Personal Branding today is getting more and more critical to recruiting.

There are so many ways to create and build a brand, but things are changing at the speed of thought, and it is getting faster. That is why that we need to understand that branding is not even what it was 5 years ago. NULL

Recruiting online is changing as well, being known is GOOD, but being UNFORGETTABLE is better. That is the reason for this post, to share some ideas with you that will help you with your recruiting and branding. So… what is a great secret that will help you in the recruiting and branding world?

It’s No Longer about what People Remember, but about how long people REMAIN – in the Feeling and Emotion.

People can remember things, names, events, products, places, movies, songs, and many other things. But all it is, is a memory. Memories for the most part, do not move people towards an action. It is just a great memory. But feelings and Emotions do. People that get emotional about a product move themselves and others towards the product. People that like how they feel when they are using a product-will continue to use it. People who like how they feel when they are around you-will join you. A secret about today’s marketplace is the secret of “Remaining in the Experience.” You MUST get people to remain in the feeling of the appointment or phone call long past the goodbye. People today want to FEEL and EXPERIENCE a product, website, song, movie, or restaurant, not just hear about it. READ THAT AGAIN!

Products that make people feel better about themselves become instant hits.

People that help people feel better about themselves become instant Successes. Do not market just benefits as often is espoused. That is for yesterday’s market. Move up to a higher level of Home Business and start marketing the EXPERIENCE of what your products do. And the reason why the experience is so great? All the benefits that come with it. Market the experience of total peace in owning your own home business. Market the experience of increased self esteem when you use your skin care products. Market the experience of amazing productivity when you use your energy drink. Market the experience of total beauty with weight loss. Market the experience of love or joy with travel products. Market the FEELINGS- not just the benefits. BMW figured that one out. Do did Nike. So did Columbia sportswear. So did Ruth’s Chris Steak house. So did Apple. So did Hilton.

So should you in your mlm network marketing home business.

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