Are You Focused on One Thing? by Sue Seward

sue.sewardThis message is for people who have a desire to earn a serious full time income in Network Marketing and are willing to lay it all on the line to intently focus on one thing until that goal is accomplished. Some time ago I heard something that really hit home from a very successful leader who’s earned six figures a month in the Network Marketing profession.

He said if you really want to succeed in our profession it’s so important to ‘focus on one thing’.

Another successful entrepreneur that I’ve heard speak during a business event said, “Focus is the ability to say no to many good opportunities so that we can say yes to only the best opportunity!” What do you think they meant by this? Some people may be a little uneasy right now hearing this because they think it’s a good thing to have multiple streams of income and it is when we focus on the right streams. The thing is, it is important not to work multiple Network Marketing companies at the same time. Not if we’re looking for a serious long term income. NULL

I’ve never met anyone who has built a substantial team or earned a full time income in Network Marketing by working with several Network Marketing/Direct Selling companies at the same time. If someone is just looking for a few extra dollars a month retailing products this very well may work for them in that situation and it’s always their decision to do so. This message is for people who have a desire to earn a serious full time income in Network Marketing and are willing to lay it all on the line to intently focus on one thing until that goal is accomplished. I come across people all the time in Network Marketing who say they have a desire to succeed in MLM, yet they are so scattered and have become side tracked, like the Israelis’ who wandered in the desert on a 40 year journey that should have taken them 11 days to get to the promise land. They kept getting side tracked, had to keep starting over and completely lost their focus on the main mission which was to get to the promise land together and most of them never made it. I do have personal experience in this area and it’s been somewhat of a painful learning curve. When I wasn’t focused on one thing I was scattered in my thinking, unstable, and not moving forward to achieve my goals. When focusing on one thing, I earned a six figure income in Network Marketing. Jim Rohn used to say, “People want to make a million dollars, they just don’t want to do a million dollars worth of work.” Success can mean different things to different people. For me, Network Marketing is a career and a full time living.

I’m interested in a full time income and have had to learn by some costly mistakes that it always takes full time focus on one thing.

People with limited focus usually have many irons in the fire. They usually do not attend conference calls, webinars or company events because with so many irons in the fire, it’s too difficult to be on all the different company calls. It’s like having our brain working overtime trying to keep up with all the various products, details on various companies, back offices, marketing systems, conference calls, compensation plan details, emails and messages. It can be even more difficult to build a solid duplicating team because people may not see someone who is not focused on one thing as a serious team leader. It’s no wonder people become burned out and eventually drop out. Network Marketing leaders who are very successful, always moving forward, achieving rank advancements, and earning substantial incomes, are laser focused on one thing, with one company, and in building one cohesive growing team. They also teach others about how important focus on one thing is. They are not scattered, asking the same questions over and over, and they do not need to be hand held, spoon fed, or have someone doing everything for them. They are constantly sponsoring, training their team and attending conference calls, webinars and company events.

We see them consistently and frequently posting about one specific company and products online.

They make a decision to put all their effort and focus on one thing and because of this they get things done and are usually building up a following that eventually creates a full time income in Network Marketing. This is what I’ve done to earn a six figure income in Network Marketing and now have a few key focused team supporters I’m working closely with. These are the leaders who have decided they will be the ones who no doubt will go to the top of our company and will be rewarded very handsomely for their focus on one thing and it’s not going to take us 40 years to all get there together! Sue Seward


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Sue Seward
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