Are You Focused on the Right Activities by Steve Domitrecz

Steve DomitreczWriting your actual results in your daily business journal you are likely to find yourself getting more of the results you want. Want to be successful? Then you need to consider your ROI (return on investment) for the time that you are investing into your business. We all know that it requires a huge amount of personal discipline to avoid being sucked in to meaningless, time consuming, non-income producing activities. You can waste hours checking emails, surfing websites, watching videos, or following Twitter-type discussions that will produce zero income. Let’s face it, because of the infinite nature of the internet, it is just too easy to become an unproductive Internet-aholic. Why I Created a List of What Produces Income It is critical that you make income producing activities your priority and that those activities are the main focus of your daily business building. NULL

Make a list and a daily schedule of when you are going to take action. The specifics of your activities might be different from mine, because you may be focused on a different type of business or different marketing tactics. Here is my list of most critical daily income producing activities: 1. Email my current list with useful info 2. Call new leads and get them signed 3. Take calls or do 3-way calls with my team members to help them with their recruiting If I still have time: 4. Watching training videos, listening to mp3s, reading great resources like The Network Marketing Magazine 5. Brainstorming new marketing ideas 6. Tweaking elements of my marketing campaign Always Prioritize Your Day

The best way to keep your focus on income producing activities is to make sure that they are the first things that get done. If you still have time then work on some of the lower priorities.

I have met a lot of people who get into network marketing and fail to have any success. And they are quick to play the blame game. They will blame the product, the comp plan, the company, and lack of training, poor training, or an unsupportive sponsor… Rarely do these people understand that network marketing is a business and that they are responsible for their own success or failure. In almost all cases that I investigated, they failed to invest their time wisely Be Accountable If you want to build your business and build it quickly, you need to talk to a lot of people. The more people you talk to and the more no’s you collect, the more yes’s you will get as well. If you do not have a system of accountability in place, you need to develop one today!

A good place to start is to keep a daily business journal.

At the end of each day, record how many new people you spoke to about your business. Write down how many people joined your business. Important, be honest. If you didn’t speak to anybody, write down a zero. Weekly review your journal. What is it telling you? Where can you improve? If you spoke to a number of new people and got all no’s, then you should seek feedback and coaching from a mentor on how to improve your approach. If you spoke to only a few people then you just need to start speaking with a lot more people! Set a reasonable goal like a commitment to make 5 phone calls a day. Be sure to make the calls at a time when you have a good chance of reaching someone. The more calls you make, the more comfortable you will become in making the calls. Practice makes perfect! With a disciplined approach like writing your actual results in your daily business journal you are likely to find yourself getting more of the results you want. I challenge you to get 5 “no’s” every day!


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