Are You Winning? by Steve Dailey

Steve_DaileyYou are winning today because today is a necessary step among many in the process of success. Do you feel like you are winning today? As a professional swimming coach I had the privilege of coaching national level athletes toward their highest aspirations. Often, making even small increments of progress could take weeks, months or years of practice. It was not unusual for these talented young athletes to reach the end of the season, dive into the water for only seconds and touch the finish wall with their best time, their goal of a medal, a top time nationally or even Olympic Team qualification. So what do you think… when exactly did they win? Were they winning when they missed their best times by several seconds during early season competition? Or were they winning during the hundreds of missed turns in practice or the times they failed to achieve the impossible workout expectations of their coach? NULL

Did they win when they stood on the starting block, awaiting the starting horn at a national meet? The answer is yes to every question I have asked.

You are winning today because you are in the game, striving to accomplish goals you have never achieved! Each step, each day, each race, each failure is winning!

You are winning today because today is a necessary step among many in the process of success. Congratulations on tackling whatever this day brings. You are on your way to your own personal championship! Coach Steve Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win © 2011, [email protected]


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