A Road Less Traveled by Russ McNeil

Russ McNeilGo out and encourage someone else to take the “right” path, the road less traveled. It truly will make all the difference. And it truly does all start with “hello.”  There’s no denying it. This industry is based on relationships. You have relationships with the members of the team you are building. You have relationships with the leaders in your line of sponsorship. You probably even have relationships with folks who are part of someone else’s team. The relationships you forge in this industry can enhance your life in a multitude of ways, many of them unexpected. Some of the relationships I treasure the most are a direct result of my involvement in this industry. These are people who I never would have met any other way. You probably have similar experiences. I find the whole process fascinating. Someone approaches you about a business (or maybe some great product). You agree to take the next step, and before you know it, you have a whole new set of relationships that have woven themselves into the fabric of your life. Have you ever stopped to think about that? NULL

Here’s the most intriguing part: it all started when your sponsor prospected you. It all started with “hello”. Okay, maybe it was “hi” or “how’s it going”, or some other common greeting, but did you have any idea where that conversation would lead? Heck, for many of us, the person who approached us was a complete stranger at the time. In his foreword to Prospecting Rules!, John David Mann made a profound statement. Here is what he said:

“Events and sometimes even destinies turn on the simplest lines of dialog in that casual conversation called ‘opening conversation with a stranger.’”

And, that is precisely the business you’re in – you’re in the business of changing destinies. Many of the people we meet at random are standing at a fork in the road and most of them don’t even realize it. The left fork leads down the path they’ve been on all along. This is the path of mediocrity – the same ol’ rut, the same ol’ mundane existence. Destinies are not changed on this path. Those who choose this path are sleep-walking through life and tragically, few of them will ever discover their true calling. Few of them will ever forge the relationships that can make all the difference. Few of them will ever learn the purpose they were created to fulfill. The other fork, the right fork, is the start of a very different journey. This is the path of life. No sleep-walking along this path.

Things here are too exciting to waste time sleeping. There’s no mediocrity in sight. Every conversation you hear along this path is alive with enthusiasm and wisdom and hope. Every step brings you closer to your dream. Along this path, you discover your calling, your true purpose.

There’s a reason it’s called the right path. Aren’t you glad someone told you about it? Aren’t you glad your sponsor spoke up and greeted you with, “hello?” As individuals, we are the product of the information and people that we allow into our life. The relationships you developed since taking the “right” path have made all the difference. And to think – it all started with “hello”. In his poem, “A Road Less Traveled”, Robert Frost put it like this: “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.” “The road less traveled by”—what an apt description of our industry. Now it’s your turn to repeat the cycle. Go out and encourage someone else to take the “right” path, the road less traveled. It truly will make all the difference. And it truly does all start with “hello.” Russ McNeil


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