Art and Power of Persuasion vs. Manipulation by George Madiou

George-MadiouIt’s so important to take care of your health to be able to enjoy this wonderful business of ours. A personal heart attack completely changed my focus this month! I have always been excited about the foundation of our industry, the power of the women. I was going to drill down into the importance of women for our industry. I was going to talk to the men out there who don’t have a clue how important it is to team up with this powerful force. It all changed in the late night of November 17, 2010. I recognized the symptoms that all my adult life I knew; I was having a heart attack! It unfortunately was a family issue and the symptoms were all too familiar. I was never a person who went to the hospital but early that morning I knew the unmistakable symptoms, I said to myself, I need to get to the hospital. By 5 o’clock that morning the talented doctors and nurses were going through the necessary tests and by 11 o’clock they had opened a clogged artery with a stint. NULL

Now what does this have to do about my article this month? Well first of all I am grateful for all of the well wishers that I have heard from. But most of all I feel that I have been blessed with the clarity of thought to recognize what was happening and to act upon it. I spent many hours in recovery and I had a lot of time to talk to the nurses. They were amazed that I wasn’t the stubborn male who didn’t react to the signs.

But the thing I heard from so many of the caretakers was something that I never realized and that was, today, woman are just as susceptible to heart problems as men.

Women are taking lead roles in business; they are under the same pressure as their male counterpart. I started to think about my experience with women in network marketing and how driven so many women are. I’m laying there and thinking about this month’s issue (I know what you’re thinking, but I’m a little driven myself!) The Art and Power of Persuasion vs. Manipulation. I don’t want to use my personal situation to manipulate you but I do want to persuade you to be aware. This business we are in, promises many wonderful things for us and our family. It promises limitless success, time freedom, the ability to teach our family there is a wonderful way to earn a great living and develop a great business.

The thing I would like to persuade you to understand is, you too are susceptible to the dangers of unhealthy habits that could lead to compromising your health.

It is so easy to skip that time exercising. We can find ourselves eating on the run or even worse, as a former upline use to say to me, “if you’re not eating 5 or 6 deserts at Denny’s doing one on ones, you’re not doing the business.” As ridiculous as that comment is, I must admit I’ve had more deserts than I should have. It’s so important to take care of your health to be able to enjoy this wonderful business of ours. If I can persuade just one woman to learn a lesson from my heart attack, I can’t think of a better article I could have submitted with more impact. God has blessed me with a wake up call and I am truly grateful, I pray that it is a gift that helps others. Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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