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One mustn’t abandon their belief that just a little more effort might bring about relief Arthur Tugman Education may be expensive but ignorance is costlier Arthur Tugman If you don’t think you have problems than you probably do Arthur Tugman God doesn’t let us dream and then not allow us to fulfill it Arthur Tugman We don’t discover self by being pushy but by others pulling for us Arthur Tugman Our greatest desire is finding self our biggest fear is losing it Arthur Tugman We can’t define discovery until we refine ourselves Arthur Tugman Freedom gives us the right to pursue our dreams bondage takes us into nightmares Arthur Tugman The ego is always eager whereas the self is seldom willing Arthur Tugman

To exist we adapt to succeed we invent Arthur Tugman Make your most from Network Marketing it’s the least we can do Arthur Tugman Failure fluctuates from bad to worse success consistently stimulates all that try to do better Arthur Tugman


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