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Arthur TugmanMighty Monthly Musings

Mining business To have prospects come to you Propose something worthy for them Arthur Tugman ~ My vision is a promise to myself and all That by helping others we’ll increase our wealth What a great call Arthur Tugman ~ i.e. Willing to Work for Minimum Wage If more people had less smarts We’d probably be better off Arthur Tugman ~ Professionals Will Listen When speaking up Don’t put anyone down Arthur Tugman ~  NULLSilver Lining Goal In Life Is not to cop out Arthur Tugman ~ A Little tete-de-tete Map out your future If you want to get ahead or Map out your future If you want to get past the past or Map out your future To get ahead Arthur Tugman ~ End Up Rich In order to make a profit In all fairness A great place to start Is with awareness Arthur Tugman ~ That Wished They Had More Make money work for you Takes an interest from all of them Or Taking an interest in all of them Makes your money work harder for you Arthur Tugman ~ Multiple strands of income Come from single minded passion Arthur Tugman ~ Avail You will become successful When you make yourself useful Arthur Tugman ~ Neonatal Childbirth is a labor of love Empty nesting can be a void to hate Arthur Tugman ~ Complacent If you look at what little you have in life You might be miserable But if you see nothing you want You are downright satisfied Arthur Tugman ~ Mining business To have prospects come to you Propose something worthy to them Arthur Tugman ~ Be of resource Dialogue in discourse Arthur Tugman ~ More people fail on purpose than will succeed… that deserve it Arthur Tugman ~ You can’t fail for trying Unless you give up vying Arthur Tugman ~ Give it a Go One can’t fail for trying Exceeding expectations Arthur Tugman ~ When Jack and Jill went up the hill To network distilled waters They did so well That they came down with Avion and took orders Arthur Tugman ~ With My Help There is nothing more encouraging Than to find success On your own ability Arthur Tugman ~ Ire Anger, suppressed Eats away self Hatred, expressed Feeds all others Arthur Tugman Copyright ©2007 Arthur ~ Brightness There are two kinds of brightness Illumination from being lit And afterglow from having been so. Arthur Tugman Copyright ©2007 Arthur Tugman


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