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Arthur TugmanMighty Monthly Musings Fear is the go-ahead to get back on track Arthur Tugman ~ Fear is a caution light if you dread, it’ll turn red but always think of it as green giving you the permission to go-ahead and ignore it. Arthur Tugman ~ The key to success is to give failure a rest and put work to the test Arthur Tugman ~ One must be satisfied with failure or they’ll never become content with success Arthur Tugman ~ In order to become duplicate able your service must be singled out Arthur Tugman ~ Don’t let perfection stop you from being ordinary. Arthur Tugman ~ Failure is the best teacher when you learn from it Arthur Tugman ~ If someone offers you success, it’s a red light. It doesn’t happen overnight but if you don’t take it it won’t occur today Arthur Tugman NULL

~ Success within seconds happens when you put forth an effort first Arthur Tugman ~ Think success and when you see the big picture you’ll have learned how to profit Arthur Tugman


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