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Success does not come by accident it arrives on purpose. Arthur Tugman ~ The best example of success is to take one’s own advice and follow up on it. Arthur Tugman ~ Those who wait for the storm to pass will still be under the weather when it’s over. Arthur Tugman ~ Oh! If man’s search should ever begin he’ll find success that’s missing. Arthur Tugman ~ A teacher is the leader to our success. Arthur Tugman ~ Only one step is necessary to reach success the first one. Arthur Tugman ~ The height of success is knowing that we can reach it from the lowest failure. Arthur Tugman ~ If others look better we’re neglecting ourselves. Arthur Tugman ~

What we get for free we value naught where we have the chance to succeed we ought Arthur Tugman ~ Motivation is the kicker habits are what we have to punt. Arthur Tugman ~ There is nothing right or wrong about approach it’s all about having no regrets. Arthur Tugman


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