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Successful people don’t fail it just looks that way when they’re not being understood. Arthur Tugman ~ Failure can lead to success when it causes you to do a “YOU” turn. Arthur Tugman ~ Failure can lead to success as long as you don’t fall backwards. Arthur Tugman ~ It makes no sense to punish failure it’s better to reward success. Arthur Tugman ~ It’s impolite to acknowledge anyone’s ignorance but don’t disregard it. Arthur Tugman ~ Genuine generosity involves give and take adverse advertising gives and takes back. (It’s teasing to offer something for free and then up the price of the next.) Arthur Tugman ~ If you know what you want in life you’ll work until it’s the death of you to get it but when you are sure you have what other’s need communicate with them and you’ll see them succeed. Arthur Tugman ~ The definition of success is playing the same game until you win. Arthur Tugman NULL  ~ It is not easy to teach failure you have to learn the hard way. Arthur Tugman ~ When you know what it takes to succeed and apply it you won’t fail. Arthur Tugman ~ “ANTICIPATE success PARTICIPATE in it.” Arthur Tugman ~


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