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Visualize success When success is in sight Goals are within reach. Arthur Tugman ~ Visualize success and it is yours just think about it. Arthur Tugman ~ If you can visualize success you won’t be blinded by failure. Arthur Tugman ~ Fear is just as easy to avoid don’t think about it. Arthur Tugman ~ To go from failure to success put the Spirit to the test. Arthur Tugman ~ If you’re not looking for success all you’ll find is failure. Arthur Tugman ~ Success is the result of an actionable effect. Arthur Tugman ~ If you worship money the Devil will cause you spend it. Arthur Tugman ~ Progress is preferred but if its intent is bent then making any will be deferred. Arthur Tugman ~ Everyone has greatness capabilities within but we could all use a mentor to bring it out. Arthur Tugman NULL~ A calm sea is not without a collective of sharks. Arthur Tugman


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