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Struggles are tantamount to being driven Success is testimony to the way we drive Arthur Tugman ~ Before you pose a question Picture the answer Arthur Tugman ~ People who find love too easy Will also find marriage hard Arthur Tugman ~ Fear is the ultimate motivator Love is the eternal stimulator Arthur Tugman ~ There is no better way to know if people believe in you Then to observe them listening Arthur Tugman ~ Hesitation harbors doubt Action portrays assurance Arthur Tugman  NULL~ Vision the end result when beginning something new From the start you’ll see progress all the way through Arthur Tugman ~ Sacrifice happens when you determine what you can do without Success occurs by knowing what you can do within Arthur Tugman ~ If you fear failure You’ll never risk success Arthur Tugman ~ Decisions are limitations Action has no boundary Arthur Tugman ~ Your wisdom matures the day you can laugh at yourself And success is reached when you can entertain others Arthur Tugman ~ When you’re done altering You’ve begun faltering Arthur Tugman ~ To achieve success You must believe in yourself And have faith in others Arthur Tugman ~ Struggling for success is more rewarding than contentment with failure Arthur Tugman


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