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When circumstances aren’t going your way then square off and do something that will earn you a media say. Arthur Tugman ~ A great leader can teach you to do what’s difficult and you’ll profit because it’ll look so easy. Arthur Tugman ~ Habits create more acquisitions than desires. ~ Habits are more creative than desires. Arthur Tugman ~ Successful people want what others have And are willing to go out and get it, and more but the very reason losers fail is because they settle for less. Arthur Tugman  NULL  ~ If you have the desire for success failure can’t stop you from it. Arthur Tugman ~ Character is the result of who we are and why. Arthur Tugman ~ Pep Talk Nothing makes winners out of losers better than buttering up team players. Arthur Tugman ~ 54 Imagination will dream up success without it you fail. Arthur Tugman ~ You won’t realize success until you understand the falsifications of failure. Arthur Tugman ~ You can’t be a success and not have a desire to help failures. Arthur Tugman ~


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