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Arthur TugmanAn adage a day keeps the failure away!

Failure is the cause of more success than you can guess. Arthur Tugman ~ The path one is already on will get them to success faster than blazing a new one. Arthur Tugman ~ The path to success begins with a decision that you’re finished with failure. Arthur Tugman ~ Don’t grow up regretting you missed your chance show up and earn the opportunity to advance. Arthur Tugman ~ If anyone tells you that “you can’t,” prove to them that you will. Arthur Tugman ~ Our most successful motivation comes from those constantly admonishing us. Arthur Tugman ~ Most people continuously fail to look for ways to succeed. Arthur Tugman ~ Before you can lead you must be taught that everyone who follows you expects something. Arthur Tugman NULL~ If you have the desire for success then failure can’t keep you from it. Arthur Tugman ~ Success doesn’t always happen overnight sometimes it takes working the day shift. Arthur Tugman


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