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I’d rather be coachable and approachable and striving for success than be not teachable and unreachable and struggling with failure. Arthur Tugman ~ One can only imagine success who has never experienced it. Arthur Tugman ~ Everything you give away will one day be yours. Arthur Tugman ~ Stepping stones, when not trod on, become stumbling blocks. Arthur Tugman ~ With no urgency, you have all the time in the world to apply and say yes to success. Arthur Tugman ~ Nothing is so tantalizing as offers for success by having you do nothing for it, expecting spillover to create it for you. Arthur Tugman ~ If life means anything, it’s time to act now and not wait to be recycled.  NULL~ Why suffer all alone enduring failure when all you have to do is team up and enjoy success. Arthur Tugman ~ To want success is purpose enough. Arthur Tugman ~ Decide what you want and when you succeed, you’ll be successful. Arthur Tugman ~ Never forget that you are not a success until others declare you so. Arthur Tugman


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