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Success is a shark out of water Failure is a snake in the grass. Arthur Tugman ~ Most people limit themselves by what they won’t do and that only gets them deeper in with those that, do-do. Arthur Tugman ~ If you’re not dead serious about seeking success then you’re alive and reeking failure. Arthur Tugman ~ Anyone that procrastinates on success expedites failure. Arthur Tugman ~ Those who don’t want to remember their past will never forget it. Arthur Tugman ~ You won’t do any better tomorrow with what you’re putting off today the best way to improve, now is to start right away. Arthur Tugman ~ If you go to bat for God you can’t strike out. Arthur Tugman NULL 
~ Exception is the rule for success either accept it, or fail. Arthur Tugman ~ Creativity is everything about success and will have nothing to do with failure. Arthur Tugman ~ Once you set out to succeed you’re twice as likely to be tempted to quit. Arthur Tugman


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