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There is no such thing as success without sweat nor bigger obstacles than failure and regret. Arthur Tugman ~ I could hand you success on a silver platter but if you don’t polish it when it needs to be burnished you’ll be so tarnished it’ll never get harnessed. Arthur Tugman ~ It’s impossible to dream of success and not want it or taste failure and not deserve it. Arthur Tugman ~ If you taste failure you deserve it if you experience success you’ve earned it. Arthur Tugman ~ You can’t aim for success and not shoot for it any more than you can claim failure because you deserve it. Arthur Tugman NULL~ If you claim failure you deserve it but by aiming for success you’ll preserve it. Arthur Tugman ~ It’s redundant to come to a meeting on success and not go through with it just like it is to have failure and want to stay in it. Arthur Tugman ~ When you stumble over success you fumble with failure tremble with fear and that’s all you’ll hear. Arthur Tugman ~ When you are stumbling with success you’re fumbling over failure you can’t trip over something so fantastic and not have it give you the chance to improve and advance. Arthur Tugman ~ Success seeks what other won’t Failure reeks at will. Arthur Tugman ~


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