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The tragedy with failure is that success remains dormant waiting for an opportunity that’s never going to format. Arthur Tugman ~ Remaining neutral is the quickest way to reverse bias. Arthur Tugman ~ There are many paths to success but they all start from desire. Arthur Tugman ~ Success is a plus minus failure. Arthur Tugman ~ The secret to success is having enough failure to cause you to want to succeed. Arthur Tugman ~ Never take sides against a pentagon you’ll be outnumbered five to one. Arthur Tugman ~ Success can be achieved against all odds even if you fail. Arthur Tugman ~ NULLThe secret of success is having enough failure to cause a desire for it (success). Arthur Tugman ~ You can always win by being better than average. Arthur Tugman ~ People all wrapped up in themselves never open up to others. Arthur Tugman ~ When you know your limitations failure is one of them that can’t stop you from succeeding. Arthur Tugman ~


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