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Everybody that I know Has potential for success Arthur Tugman ~ Work nine to five in rigor Or teach and you’ll six figure Arthur Tugman ~ In a true verse You’ll find advice Arthur Tugman ~ Roadmap To Success One could easily duplicate success If they’d just quit imitating failure Arthur Tugman. NULL ~ Living On Purpose If you expect your life to have an impact You must be the one to make the dent Arthur Tugman. ~ Success Is Achievable Poverty and prosperity are interchangeable With the right coach, success is arrange able Arthur Tugman. ~ Look at opportunity as a sea of salt Just waiting to be tasted Arthur Tugman ~ You can’t use opportunity up But you can pass it up Arthur Tugman ~ It only takes a little step forward To get out from behind Arthur Tugman ~ All thoughts have probably already been expressed What makes mine unique is the way they speak Arthur Tugman ~ Everyone who ever made an accomplishment (those very few) Did so because they meant to Arthur Tugman ~ The pace of the leader Determines the tempo of the team Arthur Tugman


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