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The law of success if that’s what you want to obtain favors those going against the grain. Arthur Tugman ~ You’ll sell yourself short if you buy into other’s longings. Arthur Tugman ~ A committee can take hours telling you in minutes how many second chances you’ll need to make it through another day. Arthur Tugman ~ I’m such a compulsive gambler that when I found out a horse named taxi was running I bet on cab fare to get me to the track. Arthur Tugman ~ Self-confidence is a result of having been successful once knowing that it’s repeatable. Arthur Tugman ~ There are no exceptions to the rule when you reign you’ll get whet. Arthur Tugman NULL~ My main purpose in priority management
 Is to create  intentional results From intangible observations

 – Arthur Tugman
 Ignition The Key to anything that produces results
 Is organizing a starting point Arthur Tugman ~ Regardless of how you’ve been admonished you can still go out and accomplish. Arthur Tugman ~


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