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Potentially Duplicate able Opportunity is a given, but Only if and when it is taken Arthur Tugman ~ It takes a deep desire to change And an ever deeper determination to succeed Arthur Tugman ~ Duplication by Summation Success is the total sum of continuation Arthur Tugman

~ Procrastination Hampers Duplication If you lose momentum in the morning You’ll be in a dilemma all day Arthur Tugman ~ Lose a minute in the morning And you’ll never make it up all day Arthur Tugman ~ Duplicate able Success improves her odds The longer failure faces confrontation Arthur Tugman ~ Chance encountering Success is the duplication of major moments, whereas Failure is the compilation of missed opportunities Arthur Tugman ~ Guide To Duplication Hotel employment can lead to suite success Arthur Tugman ~ Missing Out On Duplication Opportunity is always present It will never materialize with people absent Arthur Tugman ~ Opportunity is success in disguise Arthur Tugman ~ Opportunity Gets lost in the shuffle When we don’t deal with it Arthur Tugman ~ Opportunity is hard to see Even when its staring you in the face Arthur Tugman ~ Methodology for Duplication Plan ahead And you’ll never get behind Arthur Tugman ~ Get In The Last Word Your last thought should pose a question What do you think about that? Arthur Tugman


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