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Goals When Success is in sight Goals are within reach — Arthur Tugman ~ Experience is the best way you can benefit from losing — Arthur Tugman ~ Experience is the best thing you can get for nothing — Arthur Tugman ~ When You Put Your Mind to It A dreamer thinks he is a success while in his sleep A Visionary knows he can seldom fail when he’s awake — Arthur Tugman ~ More Goals Goals are reachable when success is teachable — Arthur Tugman ~ Illusion is an omen of irrationality Vision is a sign of sanity — Arthur Tugman NULL  ~ Fear is the Devil’s grip over your soul Courage is God’s gift to you under siege — Arthur Tugman ~ If I fail, I’m responsible when you win, you deserve it — Arthur Tugman ~ Money and business acquaintances make a good match Cold hard cash and casual friends don’t mix — Arthur Tugman ~ You have no excuse not to succeed so don’t give me any reason for failure — Arthur Tugman


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