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Arthur TugmanMighty Monthly Musings on GIVING

Giving Give an inch without even the thought of failure and you’ll gain a foothold on success Arthur Tugman ~ Forgiveness gives the greatest value and at no one’s expense Arthur Tugman ~ The deeper the destitution my prospect suffers the higher the levitation I can offer Arthur Tugman ~ Far more people fail by aiming so low they can’t miss the mark than will falter by taking a shot at something they deserve Arthur Tugman ~ Abundance is redundancy if you think you have enough everyone needs more Arthur Tugman NULL ~ Failure to measure up comes from not having a goal written down Arthur Tugman ~ We sell ourselves short every day we don’t spend time recruiting Arthur Tugman ~ Giving Giving priority to goals is putting success in motion Arthur Tugman ~ Do not cry over spilt milk sob if you don’t have any Arthur Tugman ~ Improvement Because diet and exercise are not enough befriending a mentor will make you more Arthur Tugman ~ Giving Not having confidence is no excuse assurance is a mentor’s best use Arthur Tugman


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