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nancy_korzyniewski_paris_3-08What does it really mean to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself? As a Network Marketer, you have heard the expression “in business for yourself, but not by yourself”. This means so many wonderful things like freedom and flexibility, no limits on advancement and achievement, and no one to “answer to.” Not “by yourself” means you may have a corporate mentor, a peer that supports you, and very often a coach who offers impartial and objective support and listens with their heart. As a coach with clients in direct sales and network marketing, often I am asked to help someone achieve more, realize their dreams more fully, reignite their passion for their business, and this often means helping them to become accountable for what they say they want and are capable of. NULL

They will become accountable to themselves, and as a coach I will help them as a partner, gently reminding them of what their goals are, what their gifts and talents are, and what discipline or process will help them get what they want.

High achievers often have initial success and great momentum, only to find themselves a year or two into the opportunity feeling stalled. Often a life event will cause them to break the momentum that was initiated by their passion, dedication and excitement about their company and product. I may ask them to tell me about when they were on top of their game… how did it feel? What were they doing? What might be changed and how can they adapt and refocus?

I do not offer advice, fix their problems or “teach” them anything… I simply act as a catalyst for the best that is inside of them, reminding them that they are more than able to soar, helping them to focus on what they want and helping them to stay on the path.

These words were given to me, and I apologize for not knowing the source, but they are a constant reminder of what coaches do…

“To hold others accountable does not mean that we get to view ourselves as being in charge of their lives. In authentic community each person is responsible for one’s own life. Accountability is a tool and a gift to one another to try to realize the growth we could never know all by ourselves.”

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