Ask a friend, “How do you make your decisions?” by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

· Are they emotional? The number of reasons why versus the number of reasons why not?

· Some sort of hormonal thing?

· Little voices talking in their ear?”

· Wait for lightning to strike?

Our friend’s answer?

“I don’t know.”

We are in the decision-making business. That’s our job. We must get our prospects to make decisions to buy what we offer.

Here is the good news:

Our prospects don’t know how they make decisions!

What if we knew how humans make decisions?

Would this help us achieve our goals faster? Of course.

Would this be the one thing that could turn our career into an income printing press?


Ask yourself, “Do I really know how my prospects make their final decisions?”

If you are like most of us, you don’t know. This isn’t taught in school. Schools make us memorize history dates and study geometry. That won’t help us now.

The advances in brain science over the last 25 years make this question easy to answer. Without getting technical, here is a shortcut guide that will help us understand how our prospects make their decisions.

Imagine our prospects had five “trigger” questions.

These questions must be in the right order. If we could answer these questions in the right order, our prospects would feel relaxed when making decisions with us. Our encounters with even cold prospects would be effortless and smooth.

Here are the five questions our prospects would have.

#1. “Who are you?”

This is their survival program, hard at work.

Everyone wants to survive. Now, would our prospects view us differently than a famous football player or movie star? Of course. There would also be a difference if they already respected us, or if we ran over their pet on the way to visit them.

Prospects judge harshly.

We can’t change who we are in seconds. So don’t worry about it now.

Changing who we are will take time. This is the reason for personal development. As we accumulate better programs and attitudes, we gain respect in the eyes of our prospects. So, there’s no rush for us to change today. Relax.

Instead, let’s concentrate on the next four questions. These questions can be influenced and controlled with magic words.

#2. “Can I trust you and believe you?”

This is the biggest question in our prospects’ minds. No matter how good our service may be, if our prospects don’t believe us, we are dead.

We have a few critical seconds to establish this trust and belief. Amateurs waste these first few seconds. Professionals? Well, they know exactly how to manage these seconds. If we get this right, the rest of the steps are easy.

What words will we use to command their subconscious mind to believe us?

“Well, you know how.” Four easy words.

Put these works in front of any fact that our prospects believe, and they will think, “Yeah. If I already know this, it must be true. No further proof needed. I can trust you. You and I think the same. You must be a genius like me!”

Here is an example:

“Well, you know how commuting back and forth to work takes so much time?”

#3. “Are you interesting?”

There are thousands of pieces of data competing for our prospects’ attention. We have to rise above these competing inputs. During the next five seconds, we must rivet the minds of our prospects. If not, our prospects’ minds will drift away and we will lose them.

What can we say that will get them to lean forward?


Ask them a question. But not an invasive question! Instead, we will cushion our questions with these words:

“I’m just curious.” Three easy words.

Put these words in front of any question, and it reduces resistance instantly.

Here is an example.

“I am just curious, would you like to work out of your home instead?”

#4. “Do I want to … or not?”

Brain science has established that our prospects’final decisions happen in the first few seconds. This is good news for us. If we get our prospect’s final decision within the first 10 or 15 seconds, then our prospect will be on our side for the rest of our conversation.

It seems strange that closing happens before our prospects know anything about our offer. New understandings like this will propel us to faster growth.

What words can we use to get that instant decision?

“Would it be okay if …” Five simple words…

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