“Ask Heather” on FDA and FTC compliance questions. by Heather Bustos

Heather Bustos

Ask Heather, Compliance Attorney

Welcome to the introduction of a new column to the magazine, which I have the honor of presenting. By way of introduction, I am Heather Bustos, and my career and passion are counseling companies regulated by the FDA and FTC on compliance.

Many of the professionals who work in the industry are consultants, but I am an attorney by trade. I utilize my legal training to find creative solutions within the regulatory framework. Finding the arguable areas within the regulatory landscape is a challenge that I gladly take on and truly enjoy.

The companies I work with range from brand owners to distributors all the way to manufacturers in the food, supplement, cosmetic, over-the-counter drug, and device industries.

This can include reviewing claims made on labeling, strategizing the least burdensome product classifications, auditing manufacturing facilities, creating company-wide marketing protocols, and more. 

In the network marketing world, compliance can make or break a company…

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Heather Bustos
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