“Ask Russ” April 2022 by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

What do I say when a prospect says;”This product seems expensive…?” ___ Bill Ray – Round Rock, TX

This concern stops many distributors, dead in their tracks.

The common rub (and myth) about MLM products is that they are priced higher than average in order to pay multiple commissions.

So what is Mercedes Benz’s excuse?

The truth is that “expensive” is only an interpretation/ concern that comes from a comparison to something else. Is your product unique? What is the VALUE of its result? What is losing 20 lbs or eradicating an annoying condition or pain worth? Have you ever heard the expression “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?” I will have the opinion until my dying day, that the moment value exceeds or is greater than price, people choose to buy. Communicate the VALUE, and if someone says “This seems expensive” reply with a direct look and a big smile and say “Compared to what?”

What’s my “buy-in?” and “How much will it cost a month to qualify?” T. Rayburn – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Russ DeVan
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