“Ask Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

What do you do when someone in your family is wary or skeptical about your product or products? 

Tara R.  – Henderson, NV

When we have a positive experience with a product, generally the FIRST people we wish to share it with are our friends and family. Why? Because we love them, that’s why. Our motives are purely altruistic! When we own a business or distribute for a company that sells that product…? Different story!! It changes our relationship to the product and its benefit, to them AND us. 

My Mother (God, be good to her) would buy anything I asked her to, NOT for its benefit…because I was selling it. My brother, Bill, on the other hand, may feign interest, at first, but then renege, because if the product worked or was good, I would be right…and we can’t have that. Most families, in my opinion, make both poor customers and even worse distributors. Our intentions may be pure, and theirs may be noble, but it’s not worth the risk of a negative possible outcome. Are there exceptions? Of course. However, my advice is to let them come to you and have it be their idea.

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Russ DeVan
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